Welcome to Retro Play Australia, designers and builders of bespoke, custom designed arcade machines and virtual pinball machines in Australia.  Retro Play offer a unique range of custom designed arcade machines, virtual pinball machines, virtual reality gaming technology and arcade racing machines, all designed and built in Australia and shipped worldwide.

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Trusted by some of the biggest names in tech and gaming

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Virtual Reality Pinball

Machine by Retro Play

Play pinball like never before with the PIN SIM VR from Retro Play. The most powerful standalone virtual reality pinball machine anywhere in the world. 

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The Speed Devil

Say Hello to the Speed Devil by Retro Play.  The Speed Devil is the most powerful, full-size, multi-game arcade racing sim machine made anywhere in the world.


With three distinct models to choose from, an endless selection of exterior decals and upgrades like a flight stick for flying games (like Microsoft Flight Sim) the Speed Devil is any arcade racing fans dream. 

Force Feedback Steering Wheel

Hundreds of Games Built in + You Can Add More

Steam Account Integration

Genuine Aluminium Chequer Plate Floor

Adjustable Race Seat

The Most Advanced Virtual

Pinball Machines in the World

4 Distinct Models 

Our own virtual pinball app store built-in

Metal backglass with LED speaker grills

Tactile Feedback Speakers

Custom external artwork

Stern full colour DMD

Mechanical feedback built-in

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Use the built in MyHighScore App to keep track of your pinball and arcade high scores

MyHighScore is an online score board that helps you keep track of and display all your pinball and arcade game high scores.  Post your high scores, play against your friends and family and compete against players from all over the world

MyHighScore is usually $30 AUD per annum but Retro Play customers can have access to the score board FREE for life

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Arcade Machines Made For Real Arcade Fans







Retro Play's Most Popular 2 Player Arcade Machine

 Capacity to play up to 30,000 games 

32" HD screen

High quality buttons and joysticks

Logitech 2.1 sound system with external volume control

Choice of external artwork / skin

 Plays games from all the original arcade titles on MAME, through to SNES, Megadrive, Atari, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and more 

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Retro Play 4 Player

Arcade Machine

 Our huge 4 player arcade machine with an awesome gaming PC inside 

42" HD screen

4 Player controls

Premium HAPP joysticks

3 Different models with different computer specs


A new way to play darts

Interactive Dart Board
RGB Lights
27" Built in TV for Sport / Youtube
Touch Screen Tablet
Awesome Sound System
Play Online 
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Meet Dave

The man behind Retro Play