Retro Play Virtual Pinball Machine Support

Common problems
Glitchy Pinup Popper Front End

Description of problem : When you exit a table the videos are not displayed correctly in Pinup Popper front end or when browsing through tables sometimes the DMD video or back-glass video is not showing.

Cause : Windows update has enabled Fast Boot.  By default we turn off fast boot but a recent windows 10 update seems to have re-enabled this feature on some machines.  Fast Boot is designed to keep certain features of the OS in RAM (memory) to provide faster restarting times when you shut down.  Sounds great, but it can sometimes result in certain windows services not starting which are required by Pinup Popper.

Solution : (Thanks to a Retro Play customer, Jodie, for this fix).  Turn off Fast Boot on your system.   

1. Exit any table you are playing.

2. Press the escape key to exit the pinup popper front end.

3. in the windows search bar type in "CONTROL" and from the results that open select CONTROL PANEL

4. The Control Panel will open.

5. There is a search box on the control panel, top right.  Type the word POWER and hit Enter key.


Now click on Choose what the power buttons



Click on change settings 



Ball stutter

The sudden appearance of ball stutter can be caused by a few different things, however usually its because your playfield screens settings have been lost.

Please ensure your TV playfield screen (typically Samsung) has GAME MODE enabled in its settings.

In Visual Pinball please go to Preferences and then Video Settings and ensure there is a tick next to FORCE EXCLUSIVE FULL SCREEN