Retro Play Barrel Arcade

Created from a genuine oak barrel this high quality premium barrel arcade machine ships with over 1000 pre installed retro arcade games.  An easy to use menu allows you to select the game you want to play in either one or two player action.  Enjoy games like Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Galaxian and hundreds more.

Genuine Oak Barrel

Our oak barrels have been cleaned and restored to the highest possible standards.  Whilst still maintaining their beautiful patina we have carefully stripped and treated the metal hoops and protected the outside. 

The end result is a classic, aged barrel with beautiful clean metal work.

barrel arcade 1.png

Solid Steel Control Deck

We designed the control panel to match the durability and beauty of the oak barrel by making it from steel and finishing it with a powder coated black finish.  The result is a premium super-strong control panel that matches the oak barrel.

barrel control2.png
barrel arcade 3.png

Looks Stunning in Any Room

The classic beauty of the oak matched with the clean black steel means our barrel arcade would suite any room.  A bar, games room, man cave or even your lounge.

Laminated Safety Glass Top

The top of the barrel is finished with a strong laminated safety glass top, secured with 4 fixings. The edges have been finished with a bezel and are polished for a smooth, safe edge. 

barrel 4.png

Different Branding Options

If you're not in to Jack Daniels we can supply our barrel arcade with different logo's and motives.  An AFL team?  Soccer, NFL or a different alcoholic drink maybe?

Let us know what you would like at the checkout.

Under Barrel LED Lights

Level up the style with our under barrel LED lights. The lights give the a barrel a floating look (you can turn them off if you have no style !)

Over 1000 Classic Arcade Games

Pac-Man . Donkey Kong . Galaga . Mortal Kombat . Streetfighter . Galaxian . Paper Boy . X-Men V Streetfighter . Marvel v Capcom . Alex the Kid . King of Fighters . 1944 . 1945 . Alien 3 . Alien Storm . Double Dragon and many more....

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