Warranty Claims

Our warranty covers these specific items in our machines: 

The computer 

All screens 

Metal work on pinball machines 


Any circuit board 

All audio systems



Steering Wheels 

hard drives

We will accept a claim if you have NOT opened your machine or changed anything inside.  If you open your machine you will void your warranty.

If you make a claim for a faulty or broken part that stops working we will replace that item for you at our own cost.  You will be expected to replace the part yourself with our guidance and support.  We DO NOT pay out in cash or paypal for parts that do not work, we will send you or have sent to you the replacement parts.

Any machine or part that is damaged during transit must first be claimed against your courier companies insurance.  Retro Play accept no responsibility at all for machines or parts damaged during transit.

If you open your machine and damage a part yourself, such as a screen or a bracket, you cannot claim that under our warranty. We are more than happy to send a replacement part at cost. You will need to fit that replacement part yourself with our guidance.