What's VR Virtual Reality Pinball Like?

VRcab trans1.png

Virtual reality pinball is where you use a VR headset, like the Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift to play pinball tables on a computer.  The software renders the table and sometimes the environment in virtual reality giving the player the feeling of total immersion in the game.  But what's it like?  how good is it?






The answer is - it's very good. In fact as a traditional pinball player and someone who loves virtual pinball machines (playing digital recreations of the original tables) I can say virtual reality pinball is awesome.  If you play VR pinball on a dedicated machine with a plunger and flipper buttons it makes the whole experience very real.


Tables for VR pinball are released for free by the visual pinball community on various websites, mainly on http://www.vpinball.com  The releases tend to mainly be recreations of original mechanical machines such as Addams Family or the Williams classic, Indiana Jones, which by the way is amazing in VR! 

Tables sometimes come with a fully rendered virtual reality environment around the table, for instance the Indiana Jones table has the player (you) set in an Egyptian tomb whilst playing the classic Williams table.  Its an incredible experience.

Of course you can play virtual reality pinball at home on any computer coupled with a VR headset.  But be warned the software and table setup is a very steep learning curve for anyone not familiar with Visual Pinball and the rom emulator Visual PinMame.  The complicated and time consuming setup of these different software components drives many people to Vendors such ourselves, Retro Play in Australia, we make a dedicated virtual reality pinball machine called PIN SIM VR.  The Pin Sim VR by Retro Play is a dedicated standalone virtual reality machine that feels just like a pinball machine when you are standing at it with your VR headset on !   Real steel lock down bar, genuine gold leaf flipper buttons and even built in mechanical feedback makes the whole experience feel very very good.


You can get more information from the following resources :

Vpinball.com - To see a list of all the VR tables that are available for free

VR Facebook group - To get you started and get answers to questions

PinSim VR - if you want to see an all-in-one pre setup system thats just plug and play.